Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me on Saturday!!!

Oh Yes Indeed! the Day to Worship My Birth! You are so Lucky! Such a Privilege to Exist the same Time as I. or to be in My Presence...o Yes.. to be serving Me.. You should feel very Honored Be able to Lavish & Adorn Me with Gifts & Devotion Making My Life so Wonderful.  Some slaves have began to send already, making sure they get to continue to some how exist in My World, Giving them Purpose and Full Filled knowing I am Pleased and Treated like the Legendary Queen that I am.. I enjoy spending your cash on whatever My heart desires.. or receiving a gift from you off one of my wish lists. You may email Me inquiring on how to Make Birthday Better than Any I've had thus far.. I will give you Instructions Depending on where you are located... Now Be a Good slave & Email

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