Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Retro Glam Pink Pinup Mistress & High Heel Heaven

Dark Manipulative Eyes of Goddess Over Takes you forcing you to comply with My Every Desire.
Mistress has been busy since Holidays going to Parties, Concerts and being served by Real Time submissives. I will be online all this week sometimes in day time est time zone or late at night...
 if you reach Me in private messages consider yourself Lucky!
You can also reach me via email
Seeking a couple shopping piggies and sissies. I also have some vacations coming up and the details need taken care of , beg to be allowed to complete part of ensuring Mistress has a Luxuriously Fabulous time.
Going for another  hot Pinup photo shoot before Valentine's day. I have placed a couple things on my wishlist you can get me for that... Remember More you Spoil Mistress more HOT FUCKING PICTURES you loser bitches get to drool over. I'm in the mood to do some cam tease body worship, something for the cuckolds, showing off a new pair of heels a good boi sent me & some extreme wallet draining. I can smell tax returns.. hand it over to Mistress.
You can always go on my twitter and find hourly posts from Me

Sending out new pictures  tonight & doing phone & webcam together.

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