Thursday, March 7, 2013

Partying all of March - Birthday Aries Goddess

Mistress got a new phone so lots of videos and new pictures are forth coming!!
Yes I'm Partying the whole month of March for My Birthday!! I'm going to use and abuse you something ferce this month... you love it dontcha ya?
 I still want to go see Fleetwood Mac tix are $160.00 with tax.. take care of that for Mistress..I really want to see them.. Rock on the Range is also coming up in May. Princess will be here again this year. we are going to top last yrs westin and limo spree. You Boys are good for something!! Maybe this yr you will get to meet with us while she is here, If you are lucky! so make yourself useful.
You can go shop my Wishlist or send an amazon gift certificate to for my birthday, I also love cash gifts so I can get my hair done and hit the mall..
Lots of new things have happened,, new tattoo,, new things arriving from good boi's and tons of new devices to use on you... mmmm i loves it..

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