Friday, March 22, 2013

Harsh Brutal Humiliation & Pre-Birthday Weekend

Hey YOU!!!
Yes You, you fucking loser... Ready for a Dose of Reality? LOL
This weekend is all about ME ME ME and you serving ME ME ME...
You will make me Laugh... I will make you CRY... ha ha...
Cbt, Forced Intox, Financial Domination, and Home Wrecking are for sure on the Menu..
Amongst other things... 
Steph just sent her weekly Devotion gift.. waiting on some others.
Anthongy, RiverDancer & Becka better get it together
 or shall lose their top spots as most Entertaining subbies I own.. you have some competition..
  Keep emailing hysterically funny stuff trying to impress ME.
The rest of you lost sometime-ee community sluts can crawl to Me
 begging Me to show Mercy on your worthly ass.
 Maybe I will notice you. Maybe I wont..

 You only get one chance to Submit...

Only 4 days left until My Birthday  

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