Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Panty Hose n Toes

MMMM My sexy toes in Pantyhose!!

I have been busy with a lot of different things the past couple days.. Painted my new office again, someone said I change things around a lot, every time they come over its different lol...
I like variety.
I thought everyone knew that about me.

My new sneakers come that Sally sissy got me off my wishlist.. links on right side in "My Favorite Links".. I spent the other night adding new things i want for fall and for my Dungeon.
I had my nails shortened alittle at the nail salon today, I couldnt speed type they was just to long kept hitting wrong keys or getting stuck between the keys. was annoying. so now you know if something is annoying to me i cut it off. LOL I HAD them do my nails and toes to match in a really sexy dark chocolate burgundy color.. HAWT!!!

Anthongy its time to lay before me again... get to it!! looks at calender Becka your slutty ass is due as well... Mistress never forgets.. & Michelle I hope you have gotten that issue taken care of.

Since NITEFLIRT has been doing site updates Ive taken the time to get more advertising done.
Also have new pictures to release once the sites back up in the morning. I can't wait to see all the improvements to the site. EXCITED!!!
you might have noticed my buttons missing,
check back in the morning they will all be back and more!!!

im online just drop me a email msmadisonsgarden@aol.com

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