Monday, May 18, 2009

Whata WIMP!

Why does it seem like the tards calling me all day have been wimps for real and can't even handle Humiliation, But keep calling My Line for it? LOL

You Do Realize My name isn't theNiceLadyMADISONshow Right? lol

Hell stay on the phone long enough for me to really get going on you LOL I'M wanting to do some TWISTED stuff to you.. Or maybe your getting off as soon as I say HELLO?

Freaking Phone Teaser!!

Just something that has been making me laugh today.. WUSSIES!!

Think You can Handle It? get to calling !! Let's see.

I love waking up to Surprise gifts being delivered.. I recieved a dozen of long stem red roses & an ediable fruit basket.. mmmm melon on it is yummy. thats was thoughtful and I enjoyed waking up to it. good boi!!

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