Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hot one day freezing the next, man is the weather messed up.woke up from a nap little bit ago, almost ripping my shirt from my niplets standing at attention from the freezing cold air and fan... needless to say they the windows are closed now.
ATTENTION TARDOS you do realize you are not the only subby talking with me correct?mistress likes variety, tis the spice of life. i turn down many pms and emails everyday. your place with me isnt something your entitled to. its earned. you are just my puppet for my amusement.
went looking for a new nose ring today, i want something different, i have the diamond stud & a gold hoop, pearl, garnet, im trying to find a pretty jade one. i fell in love with a gold neckless with jade on it and matching bracelet while i was out. might have to show someone who is eager to please locally. lol sposed to go shopping around noon in morning with sissy i met the other day to see if he was something i wanted serving me. so far so good. we are going to hit the mac counter and vicky's. the jewelry store is close by..
oh this mistress i know was getting death threats today from someone over seas, its so hard for them to get the ones overseas. it was totally nuts, she sent me the messages while waiting for the cops to show up at her house, trying to calm down. thats the down side from being a mistress or someone in the entertainment industry, people get all nutso on you. i hope he gets arrested, you shouldnt ever think you can get away with threatening someones life.rejection sucks i'm sure but deal with it geez. some take things to the extremes.
mmm, i want fluffed.. lol feeling frisky MEOW WRITing more once i've had more caffine

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