Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Search for My Hot Bathing suit

Bad subs Bad subs whatcha gonna do.... When your Mistress comes for you... singing... LOL... there is a few on my shit list tonight!!
I'm starting to think you like being there. Come Get your Punishments SUCKERS!!!
I do look really hot sucking on that sucker don't I ?? {bats my eyes}
Lots of new updates on my twitter today and I went to the track this morning and trampled gary for 2 hours lol.. My Legs ache bad, rock hard muscles.. I could crush your head between these thighs!
My Phone is on so far i've spoken to 3 sissies tonight, josey, you sure was amusing lol... I could tell you have practiced for Mistress. I did notice the improvement from the last time we talked. I'm totally in the mood to verbally destroy someone.. Call My Humiliation Line NOW you trick!
Mistress was making chocolate ;) cream pies this morning.... sounds heavenly dont it?
Get your little cucky mouthes watering.
C ??? I told ya KARMA WOULD get your ass LOL was an expensive lesson wasn't it LOL
OMG lol I can't stop laughing @ how you got yours LOLLLLLLLLL
RED SHOES.... hawtness!!
I'm wanting a cute punk rocker couture bathsuit. send me links of sexy ones.
Memorial Weekend is coming and I will be at a big BBQ & Pool party.. I wanna turn heads lol..
yes I know Mistress is such a TEASE!

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