Friday, January 8, 2010


BBBRRRR -- but it's sure made a AWESOME picture !!

You want to lick them & Warm them up Dontcha?

I have been super busy the past couple days.

Lots of New Projects in the works and also screening new potential slaves.

Revamping some of my sites & releasing new pictures + 4 new videos.

I want to see some new clothes bought off my wishlist and shoes.. plus some gift cards that I placed on there as well.. I'm Going on Vacation soon to a Hot Beach Resort with 2 other Mistresses.. We are sorting out the details and getting our passports now.. Someone with a HUGE wallet is taken all of us.. He is going to be in Heaven with us there. Thinking we might a chamber maid to accompany us for dressing and cleaning and this and that. You know how demanding women can be.. times that by 10 lol...

I will be on the phone and web cam alot this weekend since there is so much snow..

so be worthy to serve & view

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