Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slapping Fools Around

Last night in the insult room I had My Sissy michelle come in all slutty'd up in her tramp wear and get on cam and blow kisses to 2 assholios in the room that ride my clit..
made her name her toys and show how she was gonna fuck em for me lol and wrote how much she loved em and their cocks on her body ,,, and spats lol threw her out lol can you believe how butt hurt people can be?
this morning slick who wanted to take me nessa and nancy on vacation thought he was gonna bash me but it didnt work lol he was seen for the liar that he was being... amazing how easy it still is to make monkeys dance.
slapping fools around lol... them getting mad cuz my sissy does what ever I tell her to do lol... oh and since spats claimed to be sending me expensive wine at xmas time when he was trying to sex pest me up and DIDNT LOL Michelle paid me for the wine and then thanked spats for being a pathetic broke ass loser and making it to where michelle could send me even more $ lollllllllllll... next time my sluts on im bringing her back there and making her pay me for slicks bs.. some losers never learn... you have no idea who you are dealing with...

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