Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Back - OH HELL SNOW PART 2 - stupier bowl weekend

I'm back my lovely mindless servants...

hello... went to cincy and spent the night so i could wake up and go to the spa appointment sissy got me at 7 am and was there until 6 pm went to dinner then come home. i noticed he had my car washed and detailed and new tires and wipers.. said he wanted to make sure my trip back home was safe. he truly loves his mistress. we are going to a play in cincy next week b4 i leave for my trip and said he had something special arranged for valentines day for me. said he was gonna top the huge diamond ring i got couple yrs back. im not good at having patience so ive been tryingto get it outta him. he took 10 very hard spankings for not telling me lol... went by and trampled gary as soon as i got backto columbus, and stopped by painho's house to pick up his monthly slave dues. I'm relaxing, Mistress is having some womenlyissues this week that will be gone by this super bowl weekend.. sissies are to wear pads to work since I have to suffer, they will suffer as well.. also part of being a girl. I have some super bowl aka STUPIER BOWL assignments made up as well for you to complete during the game. Lots of new pictures as well.. sissy video taped mistress sleeping as well lollllllllll ill release it to a couple loyals. so ifyou get to watch it consider yourself lucky...I was going to change my plans and fly to fla early but decided im not going to ruin my vacation time slapping down some loser who has already hurt himself with all his lies he tried spewing. but if i see him out while im there he better have bought a spit guard like i told him to cuz he has some spit coming his way. I despise liars with a passion. they are in same catagory as a thief in my opinion. He approached us (ME, NESSA, & NANCY) about us going on vacation & he was gonna have us all flown to panama.. beach house or penthouse.. talked weeks since xmas time to us about it braggin in chat how he's doing so to the males there, showing out like HE'S GOT IT GOING ON LOL..
Now is lying and thinking people have bad memories But, I think some things that happened have done enough to him lol... and yes it was on the house! lol maybe it will also teach him not to wave his tiny pecker around on cam lol to women.& give someone his house # & then become an asshole to them for no reason what so ever & make up lies on people he really has no effin clue about other than that they are dominas.
Why pick 3 of they Elite ones who are listed everywhere on the net & well known. Seriously didnt think it out lol huh idiot?Your lucky ms nancy hasnt been in to rip you to shreds yet lol..Nessa is busy with her loyal as well...
if he continues to spew his bullshit im simply gonna have my lawyer slave draw up a couple papers for cease and desistand then if he dont stop with the lies, have him served for defamation.
a couple of subbies come asking what happened and when they heard he was lying on myself & ms. nessa , the subs said " is he stupid?""doesn't he know how evil you and nessa can be if crossed ?" lol " wow he must be not have a clue" lol they said all kinda things. maybe he should have researched to see that im not scared, have no issues contacting authorities or etc and have dealt with some real nut jobs being in this industry. im not some timid female who lets men do whatever lol... they try but learn quickly its best not to fuck with me.
Us ladies said and all agree that when the time came to test his ass, on all the this "im gonna do this and that" out on him, he just showed himself to be the same as the broke ass losers, trying to waste someones time while strokingthier own weak ass egos with some fantasies they can never have... lol so pathetic. yep you have seen them, they adore ya but then turn on you cuz they was just all talk and they have been outted on all the bullshit they have tried to feed you lol...this here is a prime example.
You know the 1st song you hear when you come to my blog says " kinda girl who make you go crazy" and ive always said I'll have your mind so screwed up if you cross me that your gonna need extensive couseling for years to fix the mind fuck. what really sucks to for them, they do stupid shit, then i slap the fuck outta them mentally, then they beg to be allowed back..All he had to do was tell the truth and stop lying trying show out infront of his friends... little does he know i also have friends and subbies in that room who adore me. He lied to the room owners to have me banned. so they seem to have herd syndrome and did as he said, cuz im banned & will not go my friends that was there opened another room so i could come in lol..glad they didnt try to ego trip like the other admin.. you could have told him to cut his shit but you didnt.I'm sure your now going to become obsessed and read my blog entries. I was told I should take the mic in the room more and tell everything, well .. im not gonna, hes going to scream my name im sure every chance he gets, and i simply do not have the time.
so , wrote it here. if you wasnt there to witness everything for yourself sorry about your luck.
A devoted subby sent me a couple gift cards, once i recieved them I took mom to lunch then we went crazy at home depot with one of the gift cards i recieved. got a new grill & new firepit and some odds and ends stuff for once spring comes I canstart planting my flowers and getting my yard together. i had lost the hose to my fish pond so since its winter and my fish forit are inside in a tank so they wont die , so got that ready to redo.. got some huge bags of rocks for it as well. the lilly pads hold upwell inside in winter in the tank my fish are in. then we went to target to spend another card, i just got some stuff for my officelike new drapes and bed n a bag & some cute pillows & 3 pictures..and stocked up on my favorite hair care products.I also gave my mom her valentines gift from me early, a gold neckless with her birthstone on it with matching ear rings.she totally loved it.. i knew she would. after that i dropped the dogs off at the groomers and told heri wanted my pits nailspainted red for valentines. they totally made her look fem lol i got her a cute shirt lol it says. be mine or i'll eat you lolllllllll my other shoes finally arrived , i might have to send 1 pair back i hate when the brand is made small. either that or im gonnagive them to a friend of mine. she usually gets the ones that dont fit me right cuz i hate sending stuff back, i just make my reorder the right size. I let a mistress i know here locally rent my dungeon for her to do a couple sessions in while i was in cincy and shopping. she has used it b4 and always cleaned up once she was finished. im extremely picky and a clean freak when it comes to my equipment.

new update friday morning 10:30 am est :mistress is feeling much better her womanly issues are gone so i will be on cam all weekend since its snowing for effin hard . we are sposed to get 10 inches of snow.. you whores want 10 inches of something else lollllllllll

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