Sunday, February 21, 2010


Loves My Lexy Maid!!


(If this is your 1st time here? save this site and be sure to read it Entirely!)


Quick Little SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for males:

There has been alot of IDIOT Recession losers running around wanting attention but cant afford it.
Myself and like handfuls of other DOMINA'S are talking about it between ourselves, and we're sick of it.
Just don't even approach if you think it is about you & your needs/wants/desires. Your not entitled to anything!

I don't need you, it's all about whether I want you to Entertain and serve ME or Not.
SOOO Sorry about your bad broke ass Luck!

I'm Not really, Ha Ha It's your own fault!
My nice dungeon doesn't pay for itself ya know!
And My Birthday is coming up! so find a way! or have a good day, ta ta!


Put lots of new stuff on my amazon wishlist for you to get me for my special day!
I also decided I'm celebrating for the whole damn month!
I know you are happy that I have given you 30 glorious days to spoil me Extra Hard!
I also want lots of cashy on my rushcard as well or western unions.
I'm Not Kidding. get to work slave!

I want my tattoo and im considering getting my nipples pierced as well..
besides the guy i take my slaves to to get pierced is hot!
He will look hotter with my nipples in his hands! ha ha.
I getting My hair dones as well... going with a roaring 20's slash pin up girl hairstyle.
Put lots of make up and clothing and shoes on my list that I want for the look im doing for march.
New freshness!! Originality! Unique! Bold!

If you arent good at picking things out just send me a gift card from amazon they are also on the list.
Found a new site, signed up and it was like a d9 reunion up in that bitch!
The subbies was like " thank god Ms. Madison is here atlast! ".
They instantly began adding me as a friend and contacting me via email.
Missed a couple of them, they was always good slaves who gave me anything I wanted!
So of course I milked their wallets for my personal pleasure & treated them like the pieces of shit they truly are.

One is in my email now begging to be allowed to get my sofa and chaise lounge leopard print items that I put on My
Amazon Wishlist. I love when they beg.. I dont know loser, maybe your gonna have to get all sexied up for me and put on
a show for me.. if im amused then, I spose I will allow you to get them. I also want to see the writing assignment
completed by 7 am today! It would look hot in my new entertainment room in my new house, so I have you have what it takes.

Smoking slave held his mouth open for hours while I flicked hot ashes in his mouth.
I have pics will be releasing in niteflirt 1st. I have to slowly let you see all the Hot things I take pictures of..
Speaking of pics I took some very embarrassing pictures of Pig Jay in his little piggy sty in his piggy get up!
LoL I made him mud. he is really creative, I love what he did with his garage for us for play/sceneing...
I need a Blinging Elly May Outfit. Snow is melting and seemed like everyone local wanted sessioned today.
I allowed 2 to see ME. Another one might and i mean might, get to take me shopping and to lunch on wednesday.
He has complete the assignment I gave him 1st. And hurry up! Mistress hates waiting for anything.
Slav from pal sent my hello kitty ring in 3 days, arrived just like he said it would! ON TIME! Loves it!
My cincy footslave needs to get some shoes ordered before he finds himselves on a list he doesnt want to be on.
Neglecting your duties is UNACCEPTABLE!
Anthongy I think you was a hard hot mess the other day when we spoke. I better see cash with that crawling!
I decided to clean all my gold Jewelry today, LOL wow , took forever.
I swear it took like 5 hours, i soaked my peices in jewelry cleaner, rinsed, then used this cloth you rub over it and
it makes it all shiney... I need one of those tall dresser type jewelry boxes. Ive out grown my 3 I already have.
Becka slut, you need to get your sissy ass to sending your dues.
your now on probation and you have 2 days to pm me before
I block your ass forever.
Brian on the other hand has been a very helpful and good slave.
you all could take some tips from his good behavior.

New week! New things to DO!

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