Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been all over the state of Ohio the past 3 days.. Going back out of town tomorrow.
MY TAN LOOKS HOT THO!! If you want to see the pics go open your niteflirt emails Im uploading them now into niteflirt.
I will tease you with them on cam if your worthy!
I want to see some effort from you slaves today.. You have run amuck and slacking on your serving! I let it slide until I got back today. well its time to DO IT!
SO get to sending me your cash, sending in your application if you are seeking to be considered or owned by ME.
THERE are many ways to do so listed on my blog. and I know you losers can read.. so don't even try it!
My Phone lines are on get to calling.
I especially want some cash put on MY RUSH CARD as I'm going out of town on vacation some of this weekend. I Get that instantly!

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