Thursday, July 1, 2010

Losing your Independence to ME weekend!

for the 4TH! I'll release a new pic later tonight this is from the 28th that your drooling over now.. notice the black flip flops yes A good Boi got them.

Becka you gonna tie fire crackers to your balls again this yr and accidently lite it while I'm taken pics again? lolllllll gosh that still makes me laugh..
I bet you thank pepsi everyday. BA HA HA..
IT's the 1st so your slave dues are DUE Sluts!
I want to see my Niteflirt , RushCard, & Amazon account filled up with your cashy! get to clicking!! click click click!!!

Im going to be on webcam & phone tonight around 11 pm be sure to contact me if you would like to view ME.
I have been out enjoying the beautiful summer and all it has to offer... so fair its offered me a bad sunburn lol... but alot of fun traveling some as well...

Lots of concerts coming up.. Maybe you will get lucky enough to attend one with me..
This is going to be a super busy month so approach me while you can.. snaps my fingers for my loyals... crawl to me.

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