Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cold Busted! Your Wife Called LOL & Mistress in the Park

Well Hello there Mistress Groupies!!!
Lots of Hysterical Things have happened lately...
The other night late my phone rang I noticed it was one of my sissy bitches who had been given a task earlier in the day.. thinking oh he finally did as told... so I answered and said numbers slut! And I hear a womans voice say who is this!! I began laughing... I said well who is this? She said I think you know my husband! I was shocked because for several years now he said they split and divorce in process.. she then became very rude... so you know how I am.. I got rude back lol... I was laughing because she kept asking him who I was and he wouldn't answer her.. I always tell slaves that if their wife calls me I will tell her everything so make sure she never contacts me.. this loser learned the hard way,, I told her she had spoken to me before 13 yrs ago and I informed her that time that her hubby gets on cam in her panties while shes at work... She yelled I thought you said you stopped that and you never spoke to this Lady again LOL... I then said hes never left he knows his place. and told her to put him on the phone he was given a task and if he didn't complete the task he would not be a happy camper.. I told her I did Not care who she was at this point. She kept screaming how shes signing the papers in the morning. there is no fixing this. He hung up the phone and I laughed for like 10 mins then the phone rang again.. Yes it was her again lol.. this time she was raging mad and demanding to know how much my christmas gift was.. when was the last time he had sent me money? 
And I told her to tell him I aint saying nothing else until I see some more gifts....
Lesson learned here stupido.. Never Leave your Phone Alone lol

Weather has been really nice lately in Ohio..
I was in the park enjoying the weather..

  Lots of slaves a crawling back ... they always do!! Addiction is a Bitch!!

Lots of Music concerts this summer you can make them extra special for Mistress
by ordering things off 
  my amazon wishlist 
and emailing me for instructions to send cash Gifts...

Subject:   Goddess Worship

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