Thursday, January 27, 2011

DEVOTION TIME - Whip Cracking

Everyday no Matter what day it is, Mistress should want for Nothing! It's a slave/sub 's place and duty to tend to His Owners every Desire! When I'm Happy, you're Happy.

I have begun to replace a couple of you slackers.. you seemed so worthy of My Collar, then Blew it!!! If you want back in My Good Graces I suggest you follow the Instructions I gave you.

As far as New Slaves, If this is your 1st time here, look around, read, and send an introduction email when you're ready to Serve.
Maybe I will give you the time of day & maybe I won't.. I'm Picky!

Getting My Hair done in the Morning..
My nails and toes are the color of the font in the picture.. so sexy...
doing more nail art this weekend. Also releasing New Videos.

I know its tax season as well, get to sending me your return...
some of you have promised me them already.. less talk more action!!!
If I don't stay on your asses, you run amuck... So consider this a WHIP CRACK ....

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