Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be My Slave 4 Valentine's Day - Ice Hell + More

Playing some tunes, relaxing after the ice storm nightmare outside. Lights have been flickering.. totally sucks and nearly impossible to walk to your car let alone drive.. so Mistress needs Amusement!!!
Get to Entertaining Me! Read my blog, find a way to show Mistress you Deserve My ATTENTION!
I'm on webcam & My Phone is On.
Took Me like 3 days to fully recover from Kiara from Curse Icon's B-Day bash last weekend.. Had a little to Much Fun. :)
My Birthday is in March, Just letting you know ;)
There are a couple new things I want that I saw when I was at the mall yesterday.. get to adding cashy to my Rush card or Amazon gift certificates or go to MY WISHLIST!

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