Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Want to lick it Boi? webcam hotness

Mistress went out of town for a few days to relax and soak up the sun.. as you can tell my face is a tad sunburned. I'm loving the flowers and sucker sissy sent me! good girl sissy!
I'm ready to be served and entertained by you...
you can go grab a greendot moneypak reload and give me numbers off back to send me shopping. needs some new tops to show off my tan lines i have been working on. my phone will be on mostly tonight after 10 pm but if you beg and tribute i might turn it on just to speak to you. I will be doing webcam tonight also. Mistress has some tasks for you to complete. I'm also accepting new applications since I dismissed a couple unworthy losers last week.. my nails and toes also match my sucker! ha ha.. you wanna lick my toes dont you? Im sitting here taken new pictures as well for my loyal cuckolds. i know how much you love the big black cawky! if shoe slut can get away tomorrow i will be meeting him for a shoe shopping spree. i do love shoes!! tonight on cam it will be strapless tight tiny black dress teasery! get to making yourself useful... and becka you slut get to pming your owner! I'm on yahoo doing cam and paltalk all day.. i love being watching and also watching you do whatever I tell you to do...

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