Friday, November 16, 2012

Foot Fetish HOLIDAY Royale - CLASSIC

Holiday Classic... FOOT FETISH ROYALE
(Bow Down & Worship)
  Hello My Obsessed & Devoted slaves...
     Mistress has been fairly busy shopping and doing photo shoots.. Hiking some before winter comes completely and its to dang cold to enjoy then... Thanksgiving is coming ever so quickly ... any traveling plans? Mistress will be cooking her yearly feast with family and friends. Which is a all night thing lol so I enjoy chatting online while waiting for timer to go off when something is finished in the oven that night before.
So chances are you can forsure catch me online the night before.. Decorating something hot for you to enjoy while I do webcam over the Holidays. My Christmas tree is going to be so spectacular this year. Especially with all the gifts you will be sending Mistress.. I can't wait to open them Christmas Morning. Cash Gifts are nice too so I can shop before hand and then show you on webcam or person if you're lucky enough.
Enjoying the hysterical confessions of your filthy dirty secrets too.. keep those coming.
I will be taking new holiday pictures thanksgiving night... be sure to keep checking back for those.

~Mistress Madison~

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