Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fresh Foot Fetish & Spring Revampage

Geez It's been a while since I posted a Blog Update!!

Did you Miss Me or What?!?!?!

I was just being a slacker like some of you worthless pieces of shit..

Watch you get replaced!
Theres tons of eager lil sluts running around...
Don't think you're special...

Thank Goodness Block is a Option :)
Takes a lot to ever get off Block status.

Spent most of the icky winter months being pampered and stuck inside
due to the over whelming amounts of snow we recieved this year in Ohio..

Thank GAWD Spring is finally Here..

Lots of Foot Fetish boys are happy!
Pretty Painted Toes & Flip Flops, Open Toe Sling Backs....
Went shopping with a local loyal several times and to Dinner, has been taking lots of pictures and videos..
You haven't got to see them because you have been off slacking like a ungrateful bastage.

see it's your fault...

next time you look at this blog of mine it will be redecorated...

so keep checking back

 snaps my fingers

tis time to serve

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