Friday, March 6, 2015

Blue Eyed Goddess - ARIES Birthday Month

WOW!! It's been how long since I updated this thing? lol Whoopsee.. been a while..So you Must be starving to know what I have been up too.... Lots! Doing a lot of RealTime Sessions & Shopping. Like a Spoiled FemDom should.. Made so many new pix & videos that I'm not even sure what I have released and what I haven't. lol Will be releasing more tonight :).
I cleaned out my stable some in rid of some slackers..I ain't got time for that!!.. so there are positions open to apply for.. those positions will not last long.. so now is your chance to make your move.
With Spring & Summer coming I have added a lot of cute items to my wishlist so I look HOT at the Concerts and Events I will be attending. I might be in Fla for Spring BREAK for Bike WEEK @ Daytona..waiting on word it's a GO..Huge Music Consideration.. I'll update My Twitter if so.. I also Completed some Dungeon Revamping.. Loving the color scheme I decided on. Maybe If you're Lucky you will get to see it 1st hand. Cheers to the weekend & Lots of serving ME.

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