Friday, June 19, 2009

Pink Corset & New Pictures

Mistress took some new pictures tonight some with different cute new outfits on & made 3 new videos. you should beg to see the pink palace pics lol . this is a teaser with just my sexy ass face. I know you will be begging for more! you always do.
This weekend I want to see some extra effort from you. you are to go outta your way to amuse me, spoil me, entertain me, make me laugh, and throw yourself at my feet to be used anyway I wish too. Dont forget to also go to my wish list and surprise me. I love surprises. I recieved my new pink corset as well.. i will be wearing it on cam this weekend. beg for that .. not everyones gonna get to see it. I have been laying out alot in my hot pink pool lounger in my hot pink and black skull one peice thats sooooooooooo couture and hot!! MEOW. the eye in the sky always flies over at 3 pm to see if im topless laying out pool side again. I'm not as casper white as i was lol but im putting on sunscreen and taken care of my skin while getting some pretty color and tan lines.
so sexy. there are a few tards im thinking arent the brightest in the box of bulbs.. theres bowling tard.. dude I don't think you have time for a Mistress Honestly.. I'm Demanding and selfish..
Anthongy Mr Excuses.. LOL lawdy boi haven't your ran out of them by NOW? Geez.. Just when I think you couldnt possibly come up with another excuse , BAM you do.. so pitiful. stop being such a wussy!!
My new loyal foot slave is working out nicely so far hes very attentive and calls me everyday:) I totally likes that in slaves! There is also some things I want from amazon, you are gonna cover the costs for me so send a AMAZON gift certificate to
Let's get this kinky party started!!

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