Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bling - Red Hot Lips - Serve ME NOW




Lots of new pictures and videos!!
Have some openings for Real time screenings.
Doing alot of webcam as well.

I finally found my ring,.. I have entirely to many purses lol..

It needs cleaned bad!! but im so effin glad I FOUND IT!!

My Sexy Lexy got it for ME When I collared Her..
Dont wear it out and about, scared I will get robbed!
Its a eye catcher thats for sure!!


Went to lunch with muffin..such a silly sissy girl.. she is alot of fun... we went to DSW shoe warehouse after and went nuts! 4 pairs each and matching hand bags + hosery!
Speaking of which, I added alot more things to my amazon wishlist. you can send me gift certificates as well.. I'm totally into the Holidays.. Jeffonya needs to come get her songs to sing this year caroling so she can practice and get her attire together!
Oh and Becka- you have a girls name there is NO WAY your a Man LOL.. silly garden utensil!
Get to serving ! request an application. Tribute. show me you are worthy of MY TIME!
I cleaned out my other closet off and on past couple days.. its was a complete nightmare.. If you are interested in some of the things email me

I told a Mistress her new slave which is one I dismissed monthes back wont stop chirping my phone and im emailing her when you do it .. Why cant you focus on her and not ME?

SERIOUSLY! STOP chirping me !


Phone is on get to CALLING ME NOW!!
Let's talk LIVE! Privately!

It's the weekend so get to Pleasuring & Pleasing ME

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