Monday, April 26, 2010


The New stockings are from Becka Slut... I'm still waiting on my hello kitty ones ... sighs... get on it !

lots of other pics getting released today as well.. I have been taking lots of pictures and video just to busy to upload them and release them..

Shopping and keeping all my sluts in a row isn't easy, ya know...

Princess Nessa & I shopped our asses off the other night..

so Lots of new pics to come all this week.. thanks Anthongy! HA HA HA HA HA

O & some yahoo lying time wasting loser I'll just call wankingfucktard is about to outted ya bitch for playing games... test me.. you have until friday to have sent something.

New assignments are ready as well... come get yours!

Be sure to read around on my blog b4 your approach ME...


  1. Cute stockings! Did you get the Hello Kitty ones? I wonder what people around here would think of a 45 year old MILF in such sexy things! Maybe I'll put some on my wishlist! ;-)

  2. Love the stockings! Did you get the Hello Kitty ones? Do you think it would be unseemly for a hot 45 year old MILF to wear such a thing? I think I'd love to, but it may scandalize the neighborhood!

  3. I love anything blk, pink, & hello kitty... wear whatever you want... live is to short to limit yourself! LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

  4. Adorable stockings! The pink bows are a nice touch.