Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally Friday Again...
Time Flies when You are Having FUN!

I have some openings for real time this Saturday..
( tomorrow) And I want to see a shopping slave, a sissy, pain slut, and a foot slave. I hope my New heels arrive today as well. I cant wait to do cam in them and take pictures. email for real time

I dont know it was the full moon and the stuff falling from space all week, but people have been very strange past couple days. I also noticed every loser I refuse to chat with has also returned to the net in last couple days as well..... EWWWWW....
I guess the break from them is over.

I have to pick up some custom made outfits this weekend as well... I cant wait to see finished products, they are so fitting to my sexy body... They are gonna have you slaves lining up to serve.
I also better see some gifts of devotion today from my little loyal slaves
drying for my attention & firm hand!
Seeing you Please'N ME, is HOT!!
I bet you are wondering what color my nails and toes are right now.... Guess...
whoever is right gets cam. also cam for highest tribute given friday and saturday. each time is counted, i will be doing lots of cam i'm feeling :)
Little incentive for you to try your hardest to be my most giving slave. #1 slave
the place you long to be with honorable mentioning lol... smiles.

otherwise go here for cam & phone together with me at same time.

SISSY & Maid Training
Foot Fetish & Trampling
Confessional for all your dirty secrets
Humiliation ( Public & Private )
Bondage & Mummification
150 different Fetishes
Mind Control
Key Holding
Chastity Training
Financial Domination
Sado/Maso Pain sluts
Sensory DEP
BI Mistress

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