Sunday, May 23, 2010


To start the week off some of you are getting A Big FUCK YOU for your lack of MEETING MY NEEDS & DESIRES!

WTF is up with that??? This will not be tolerated so the couple who are royal fuck ups, get to crawling to my private messages and sending your I'm sorry Mistress please forgive me GIFTS!

NOW !!!!!
Adding some things to my amazon wishlist that I want.. you can also send a gift certificate via amazon to I also prefer rush card method. most discreet and instant method to spoil ME.

Trampled my local loyal most of the weekend.. legs are killing me..
soaked in a hot bath... doing it in heels is great exercise tho.. I have amazing legs.
I want some cute flip flops to flop around in just when I'M relaxing... to hot for slippers...
putting a couple on my wishlist get them.
I will have a couple new mp3 recordings and also a video to drive you crazy and weak with.
tons of new pictures I took over 200 last night alone..
beg for them
earn your position with me.
keep on your toes...
Never get to relaxed with ME...
You can be replaced.

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