Monday, July 13, 2009


Back from an Awesome Foot Session Real Time.
Went crazyyyyyyy in DSW. To the tune of $632.93 on foot tards credit card..
such a good slave.. we then went to dinner and back to his hotel cuz he flies out to California tomorrow.. he rubbed and gave me a nice pedicure, i was impressed with his last Mistress's training of him. he was wonderful & made sure he didnt hurt me or mess up.. hes coming back to accompany to a foot party at the end of the month. I loved the way he was a perfect gentleman 1st and for most. I warned him tonight if his phone rings and they claim to be the front desk of the Hotel and instruct him to cause damages to the room, NOT to do it, its Dex's Bitch ass, that loser is being hunted by the FBI. all you have to do is google "hotel prank call" and look for the ones marked $50,000.00 in damages due to pranker.

He is serious about becoming one of my collared slaves.

There is currently 5 collared slaves that I own. I would like to have atleast 10 but it takes time and the slave usually fucks up to bad to get his or just isnt worthy. when they are its wonderful!!

I stopped by chambers on way home and picked up the things i had ordered. might get on cam with my new leather outfit on, or save it for my photoshoot this coming weekend. hasnt decided.. lots of cash might help me make a decision. wink wink

I saw a couple things I want when I was at the Jewelry store this morning trying to get my bracelet fixed, neckless that was $139.00 caught my eye.. it hung almost to my cleavage and looked good when I tried it on.. I wonder who is gonna email me and beg me to get it for me???

Phone is on get to calling me

~Mistress Madison~

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