Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday Shopping Spree - Sunday Submission & Confessional

Sunday Submission & Confessional

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On Saturday Afternoon Sally and I hit the mall and spent sallys hard earned money on anything that caught my eye. before going inside had her place the 2 new Hot Pink thick long handled paddles she hand made for me IN MY TRUNK :) loves them! then went inside to spend spend spend!!!
Made sally get everything I got at the mall so we bought 2 of each of everything! Getting her casual sissy clothing together. You cant be a slut all the time. there is a time and place for how you dress in public.
so we got. each..
Hot Pink Boas, LONG gold chain & Heart pendant just for me lol, a Hot Pink ,A bright Blue & Gold Glitter Eye shadows, VS 5 pair Panties, VS apple sprays, VS APPLE butters, VS APPLE perfumes, VS Noir Perfumes, VS CINNO MINTS, Bath n Body Works Spiced Apple candles & hand santitizer, leggings, Long sweaters, tops, black flat leather ballet slippers ..We had lunch in the mall courtyard b4 returning to my car in which while sally was loading my trunk with shopping bags i beat her ass with one of the new paddles to test it out. and then made her massage my neck b4 she had to get down and kiss my feet & shoes goodbye. was a nice sissy & mistress girl's day out!

& come BACK to the sexy boots from footslave!!! Who is sposed to get a room at a fancy hotel this week coming and do dinner 1st in the hotels upscale restruant 1st then go up stairs to worship my feet after....Don't forget my masks from new orleans Foot slave . :) I love the upsman! he is like santa to me lol
they are so soft and comfortable and will look perfect with my new leggings and sweaters!!

Michelle sissy finally got it together! The stuff I ordered off amazon should arrive this week :) 2 new dresses, 2 stockings, 2 leggings, 3 tunic long shirts, 2 pairs of pants & My Hot Pink Phone Protector & Case :)

Keep the gifts coming!

was busy all night after that lovely day.. i had fun sally!

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