Friday, October 16, 2009

Using you Hard - Total Devotion

Good Morning !!

I will be Using you hard today & tonight!

Some packages are due to arrive today as well.. from my loyal Lexy. I'm excited to see what all is arriving!

I'm wearing one of my new sweater dresses sissy michelle sent me, and boots today... about to run a couple errands and stuff..

meeting a new slave for lunch that I might consider allowing to serve real time today... I hope he is not another disappointment.. tired of those..

In the meantime...
you go fill up my accounts and get stuff off my amazon wishlist for me until I return.

My Phone will be on

Releasing new pictures today again.. be looking for them... also taking my camera out and about with me today as well... I also made 2 new videos I will be releasing today when I return as well..
Slave Brian made a cute song for me - i just love it ! so creative!
I will be on cam tonight as well so be ready!

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