Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking it Out on You



If you are worthy and good today and amuse ME , you will get a PUNISHMENT!!
since I'm bitchy and not pleased as of yet today ...
days still early,
I'm feeling extra cruel.
come get some if you dare!

I want to see some cams today, lots of gifts from you sluts & complete kissing of My Ass, More so than usual.

you can private message me
Yahoo ID :

if you wish to speak to me on another chat client or messenger just email requesting it.

You can do better, you will do better!

some things i want to see on cams today... dressed in sissy clothing completely make up wig and alllllllll.... cbt volunteers ...wallets open with gifts being sent....dont forget ive updates some wishlists.
I noticed something lately with someone under my consideration, and im not liking it.
sams,, ugh... i dont like them.... and i dont like switches either. and trying to top from the bottom, definantly Not!!
Im ready to shop some more online as well..
and wonders whos gonna beg to pay for one of my sites expenses ? that lucky slave will get a honorable mentioning on that site. and its one im bringing back that ive had for a veryyyyyyyyyy long time.
somethings got delivered yesterday more over next few dresses and tights... i like them alot just havent put them on yet, spent last several days fighting a cold, chugging v8 juice and other home remedeys, laying around a vaporizer relaxing not thinking about you sluts at all..
ignore is good for a slave, keeps him on his toes and in his place.
you sit there waiting until i return, teaches you patience and weeds out the insincere so called slaves. I seriously didnt feel well at all.. im sure you will make it up to me. I'M meeting with Noone today, Only on phone and Internet today, I'm given myself a xtra day to recoup and reek havoc on your mondane existance :)

Sips My Teas Watches for you to come crawling....

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